Hey guys, and welcomes to how to gastro in today’s presentation. we will be talking about Home Remedies For Gas And Stomach Pain so, let’s get into it so what is gastritis? gastritis is an inflammatory process with irritation and/or the erosion of the innermost layer of the stomach which is called the mucosa.

The process for home remedies for gas and stomach can occur over a short time and if this occurs we call it acute gastritis or gradually over a longer period in which time we name it chronic gastritis.

What Are The Causes Of Gastritis…?


 Causes of gastritis can be due to a Helicobacter pylori or h pylori infection patients who are chronic alcoholics using certain medications like aspirin or other NSAIDs having biliary reflux, which is a disease with the chronic backflow of bile into the stomach chronic vomiting having a disease, which is inflammation of the digestive tract at various points having an autoimmune condition called autoimmune gastritis, which is when the body makes antibodies that attack the parietal cells in the stomach, so the parietal cells are these cells that are found within.

the lining of the stomach and this results in atrophic gastritis, which can destroy the stomach lining and something to note here is that people who suffer from autoimmune gastritis have a three-fold increased rate of developing and adenocarcinoma. so that is gastric cancer so that Is something to keep in mind continuing with the causes for gastritis we can also excessive.

(remedies for gas)


take 1/4 spoon of carom seeds powder in a spoon and add some amount of rock salt in it take it with warm water after eating food it relieves gas instantly. 


take some lemon juice in a small bowl and add some fennel seeds in it leave it to soak the lemon juice heat these fennel seeds to relieve gas instantly.


take 1/4 spoon of turmeric to add some salt in it take this mixture with warm water it relieves gas pain promptly.

and now we are giving you some home remedies for Stomach pain

Stomach pain Home Remedies

The occasional stomach ache might not be bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor’s office, but it can still be uncomfortable. however, there are numerous ways to relieve such belly aches on yours. here are a few research-based home remedies to soothe that occasional upset stomach. 

1) drink water 

drink water 

     drinking limited water each day helps waste pass through the digestive system. according to an article published in the European Journal of clinical nutrition, dehydration is one of the most common reasons for being constipated. unless one is on a fluid-restricted diet, constipated adults and children should increase their liquid intake.


     figuring out the cause of that upset stomach is a key step in preventing why not try keeping a food diary? if you notice that particular food or drink causes you problems, write it down so that you don’t make the mistake of eating it again. Get to know your body and understand what does and doesn’t work for you.

3) probiotics


     probiotics, also known as the “friendly bacteria”, are live bacteria usually eaten in yogurts or taken as dietary supplements. according to the NHS, probiotics are linked to several digestive health benefits, including aiding irritable bowel syndrome.its just home remedies please make sure and speak to your doctor if you have more problems.

4) limit spicy foods

limit spicy foods

     spicy foods may be contributing to your upset stomach. Not only can extremely hot foods such as chilies cause heartburn, but milder and flavorful foods like garlic onions can as well. Fortunately, if these foods are the cause of your stomach pain, simply cutting them out of your diet may provide the relief you need.

5) curb acid intake

curb acid intake

Acidic foods can trigger indigestion, heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. certain food groups, such as citrus fruits, are commonly recognized as highly acidic, yet other foods like tomatoes and salad dressing manage to slide under many people’s radar.

so, these were some home remedies for gas and stomach pain.

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